The Taper Has Been Edge-ified

ICON Taper Flexibility

Unmatched Flexibility

Heat-treated FireWire™ NiTi gives amazing flexibility, capable of 90° curves.

ICON Taper No Bounce Back

No Bounce Back

FireWire™ NiTi doesn’t bounce back to preserve apical anatomy

Incredible Strength

Twice the cyclic fatigue as Protaper Gold® and six times that of ProTaper®.

The new standard… now at half the cost.

The EdgeTaper Platinum™ and the EdgeTaper™ are available in 21mm, 25mm, 31mm lengths and are to be used in the same way, using the same technique as ProTaper® and ProTaper Gold®.  This familiar sequence will ensure the switch to EdgeTaper Platinum™ or EdgeTaper™ will be seamless.

EdgeTaper Platinum™ features our heat-treated Firewire™ NiTi and tests at twice the cyclic fatigue as ProTaper Gold® and 6 times the cyclic fatigue as ProTaper®. Experience the new standard in file safety and canal centering ability – at half the price!

Non Heat-Treated

Assorted Pack


Assorted Pack

The Amazing Strength of EdgeTaper

Cyclic Fatigue Testing – Average Time to Failure in Seconds

  • EdgeTaper Platinum™
  • ProTaper Gold®
  • EdgeTaper™
  • ProTaper®

EdgeTaper Platinum™

ProTaper Gold®



Cyclical fatigue test was performed using a custom test system with each file rotated at 500 RPM while 3mm of the file tip was inserted in a test block with a 90° curvature. Time to failure (seconds) was measured for each instrument.

Learn more about our testing method on our Testing page. 

File behaviors such as "No Bounce Back" can be viewed on our videos.