EdgeSequel FILES

Bodybuilder Strength. Gymnast Flexibility.


ICON Compatible 2

Full Comparable

Use exactly like Vortex®, Vortex Blue®, and EndoSequence®

Incredible Strength

2x more resistance to Cyclic Fatigue of Vortex®, 8x more resistant than Vortex® and EndoSequence®.

ICON Flexibility 2

Unmatched Flexiblity

Heat-treated FireWire™ NiTi gives amazing flexibility, capable of 90° curves.

EdgeEndo® believes premium technology shouldn’t have to come with a premium price tag. EdgeSequel Sapphire™ is used exactly like Vortex®, Vortex Blue®, and EndoSequence®. With 2 times more resistance to cyclic fatigue than Vortex Blue® and 8 times more resistance than Vortex® and EndoSequence®, the EdgeSequel Sapphire will help elevate your endo practice and save you thousands.

FireWire™ NiTi Strength


  • EdgeSequel Sapphire®
  • Vortex Blue®
  • EndoSequence®

EdgeSequel Sapphire™

Vortex Blue®


Cyclical fatigue test was performed using a custom test system with each file rotated at 500 RPM while 3mm of the file tip was inserted in a test block with a 90° curvature. Time to failure (seconds) was measured for each instrument.

Learn more about our testing method on our Testing page. 

File behaviors such as “No Bounce Back” can be viewed on our videos.

Matching Points

Matching gutta‑percha points and paper points compliment EdgeSequel Sapphire™ for a perfect fill.


04 Taper

06 Taper