Orca Metal-Cutting™

Our Orca Metal-Cutting burs are the strongest, sharpest and most durable burs available with unparalleled concentricity.

Orca Metal-Cutting burs are manufactured using the latest state of the art Swiss-made precision machine tools. This technology lifts the burs to the height of premium dental instruments and dentistry. Provides maximum cutting sufficiency. Ideal for removing PFM crown and non-precious metal. Ideal for quick titanium adjustments without the sparking associated with diamonds and for removing old restorations in secondary decay. (Non-Sterile)

Orca Turbo Carbide Burs

Considered the ultimate in premium cutting technology, Orca Turbo Carbide Burs have become a leader in its field.

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Orca DX Burs

Orca DX is ideally suited for separating porcelain fused to metal crowns in one step. Due to its special D type toothing the Orca DX enables quick cutting of crowns and Bridges. The unique blade geometry with large chip spaces permits quick removal of debris and prevents clogging especially when cutting soft alloys with gold content.

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