EDGEBURS®. EdgeEndo® sells the strongest, sharpest and most durable burs available with unparalleled concentricity. EdgeBurs® include Carbides, Diamonds, Finishers, Zirconia, Metal Cutting, Specialty and Polishers. We now have a bur for essentially every procedure and dental need. 

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“I use EdgeBurs® and they have been incredible from all aspects of operative/restorative dentistry.  I love them not only for the price, but because of how well they work. They are very efficient for crown preps.  From carbides to diamonds, they all cut consistently and do not dull.” – Keith Polizois, DMD, Alexandria, VA


“These durable, sharp, cost-effective burs get the job done.” – Dr. Milton Davenport, DMA, Chicago, IL. Kinra’s Value Brands, read full review here.