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Can this tooth be saved?

Dr. Justin B. Jergensen

Dentist, My Fairfield Dentist

This case study has been republished with permission from Dr. Justin Jergensen

Dr. Jergensen's X-ray

A filing placed near the pulp chamber wears its way in on the upper second molar.


Can this tooth be saved?

Root canals on second molars can be a tough job, but EdgeEndo flexible files seem to help in performing root canals in those hard to reach areas. 

Truth, this patient has some bone loss.  Her periodontium has been battered, but she has a healthy mouth now and wants to keep her teeth strong and fighting. The initial punch, a filling long ago placed near the pulp chamber finally wears its way in. Acute pulpitis of the irreversible kind, a real sucker.

Upper second molars are the hardest sites to perform a root canal. Yet, with the EdgeEndo files I can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, opening up those canals even in the hard to reach molars. EdgeEndo files help me stick to a predictable protocol for any root canal from anterior to teeth touching the tonsils. After opening each canal, cleaning and shaping is worry free and predictable without getting strung up against the ropes.

The EdgeEndo is the uppercut knockout punch; the cost is right and the file finds it’s path right to the apex every time!

About the Doc

With his father as a dentist, Dr. Jergensen knew since he started college he would enjoy being a dentist. Dr. Justin Jergensen received his Bachelors degree from BYU in Zoology and did his dental school training at University CA San Francisco. After merging into his dad’s dental office he tried out EdgeEndo files and has used them for two years now, he was able to switch his father over to Edge too. He enjoys endodontics because he can save teeth from being extracted and relieving pain is rewarding to him. What makes Dr. Jergensen an EdgeEndo believer? “I love the way EdgeEndo makes their products affordable and their fields all the hard work for me without any breakage. I find the breakage very minimal and I love the flexibility of the files.”

EdgeEndo files make clean and shaping root canals so simple and effective. If you have not tried them, you are missing out.

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