Corporate Responsibility


EdgeEndo’s compassion extends beyond dental and into our communities.

We are committed to being good stewards of our planet, the environment and investing in the future by reducing our impact on the planet; protecting our employees’ well-being; and improving lives inside and outside the company.

Each year, we provide tens of thousands of dollars in products to dentist volunteering thousands of hours to preserving the smiles. Also for the well-being of those in need, we donate hundreds of thousands of dollars in much-needed funding to caring and compassionate innovative non-profit organizations.

We invite you to explore all the ways we help and to come up with new and even better ideas.


We are committed to developing products that are effective, safe and minimize impacts on the environment.


The best characteristic of our employees is their constant drive to know more and achieve more.


Our employees are engaged in environmental stewardship at work and in the community.


We support organizations that enrich the lives of our people and communities for generations to come.