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EdgeEndo files are among the most advanced files on the market, and at half the cost.

Unmatched Strength, Flexibility & Compatibility

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Revolutionary Strength & Compatibility

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Incredibly Strong 

The revolutionary EdgeFile® uses our own flexible FireWire™ NiTi  forged with our proprietary heat treating process. Our files are two to eight times more resistant to cyclical fatigue compared to other NiTi files–substantially reducing the incidence of file separation.

No Shape Memory Means a Superior File   

Our heat treating process gives the EdgeFile® Series, “Canal Contouring Technology,” making the files extremely flexible and reducing the shape memory and “bounce back” effect of other NiTi files. The flexible EdgeFile® closely follows the anatomy of the canal without straightening out, reducing the risk of ledging, transportation, and perforation. The flexible shaft reduces the need for excessive straight line access, allowing more tooth structure to be preserved.

Universal Compatibility

EdgeEndo® files, obturators and supplies are designed to work seamlessly with your current system and technique.

Retreatment XR Series

The XR series is specially designed for retreatment and is a non-heat treated file. EdgeFile® XR packs include 4 files. 




Use exactly like WaveOne® Gold

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