(EDTA Solution 17%)

EdgeLube™ is the EDTA root canal cleanser, colorless and clear without foreign matters and effectively cleans the canal andremoves smear layer. Chelating effect of Edgelube™ softens root canal wall, dissolves calcium and removes it.


Debridement in the root canal

Dissolution of pulp remnants

Removal of smear layer

Microbicidal treatment within the canal


Chelating effect of Edgelube™ make root canal wall softened andcalcium dissolved.

Easy to enlarge the canal and clean it.

Edgelube™ perfectly removes smear layer.

Superior microbicidal treatment within the canal.

Excellent dissolution effect of pulp remnants.

Being based on water, more easier to get to apical area where hard for cream type to reach. So it effectively removes smear layer around apical area better than cream type.


EDTA 17% Solution 100ml x 1

EndoRing Foam - Blue and Yellow