Utopia Alternative to WaveOne®
FireWire Blaze Heat Treated One Files


Single File Shaping System
Up to 1/3 the cost of WaveOne® Gold

The Remarkable EdgeOne Blaze UtopiaTM

EdgeOne Blaze UtopiaTM delivers enhanced reciprocating technology. EdgeOne Blaze UtopiaTM is our premier single shaping file reciprocating system. EdgeOne Blaze UtopiaTM is an alternative to WaveOne Gold®.

It features our FireWire Blaze Heat-Treatment making it efficient, safe, and flexible. Plus, we added our new ultra secure, ultra-fit handle and it’s pre-sterilized.

FireWire Blaze

 FireWire Blaze—Years to develop and worth every minute. We wanted to outdo our original FireWire and with FireWire Blaze, we believe we have! We know you will love the feel and flexibility as you negotiate the most challenging canals.


WaveOne® Gold is a registered trademark of Dentsply Tulsa Dental Specialties