Utopia Alternative to Vortex® and EndoSequence®
FireWire Blaze Blue Heat Treated 04 & 06 File Sizes 15


Up to 1/3 the cost of Vortex® and EndoSequence®

The Remarkable EdgeSequel UtopiaTM

EdgeSequel UtopiaTM delivers a Technology-Enhanced Constant 02, 04, 06 Taper System with a Remarkably-Beautiful blue blade featuring our FireWire Blaze Blue heat treatment. Plus, we added our new ultra secure,
ultra-fit handle and shank.

FireWire Blaze

 FireWire Blaze Blue is our newest proprietary heat treated NiTi. You will find that its flexibility, and feel provides unparalleled performance and shapes. —It Is Truly, Amazing!


EndoSequence® is a registered trademark of Brasseler USA. Vortex® is a registered trademark of Dentsply Tulsa Dental Specialties.