Setting Up:

What do I need to setup OrderReady™?

OrderReady consists of two parts:

  1. An Order Manger using a Desktop Computer or Tablet
  2. Other users, running OrderReady™ App on an Apple iOS or Android based smartphone or tablet.

To setup OrderReady™ for a practice, your Order Manager will need to create an EdgeEndo store account or login to their EdgeEndo store account on a Desktop Computer or Tablet . Once at the OrderReady™ Setup page, the Order Manager will confirm their email address and credit card information. Then devices with the OrderReady™ App installed can scan the setup code.

(Note: While it may be possible for your store manager to use a Smart Phone, it is not recommend).

Why do I have to setup a credit card on the account?

When Shopping Lists are sent to your EdgeEndo Store account, your credit card is preauthorized for the full amount.

-Common Questions

Who is OrderReady™ designed for?

OrderReady™ is designed for existing EdgeEndo customers to reorder products. It is ideally designed for practices with multiple assistants and a single person, or Order Manager, who authorizes all purchases.  OrderReady™ is flexible enough to be used in other practice configurations as well. For example, a single doctor may wish to scan products using OrderReady™ App during the day with their phone and then at a later time, act as the Order Manager and review and activate shopping lists at their convenience using their desktop computer or tablet.

The OrderReady™ App is designed for re-ordering, therefore if you wish to order new products browse other EdgeEndo products, you can easily access the full EdgeEndo store from OrderReady™ and you can add products to a shopping cart and checkout as you would on the EdgeEndo store.

What kind of device does an Order Manager need to activate an OrderReady™ Shopping List?

OrderReady™ Shopping Lists are best viewed in the EdgeEndo Store on a Desktop or Tablet. (Note: While it is possible to view and activate shopping lists on a smart phone, it is not recommended and is for advanced users only.)

Does OrderReady™ require an EdgeEndo Store Account?

Yes. Your practices will need a EdgeEndo store account. Your designated Order Manager can set this up quickly by going through the OrderReady™ Setup here.

What is a Shopping List? Is it the same as a Shopping Cart?

Shopping Lists are not the same as the contents of your EdgeEndo Store shopping cart.  Shopping Lists are created by scanning product packaging with the OrderReady™ App, a “wish list” for re-ordering, so to speak. Shopping Lists are sent to the EdgeEndo Store and can be activated which turns them into an Order on the EdgeEndo store.

The Shopping Cart, on the other hand, is a list of items added from the EdgeEndo Store. To order items in a shopping cart, you will “check out”.

Why is my credit card showing “pending” charges for every OrderReady™ Shopping Lists sent to my account?

When Shopping Lists are sent to your EdgeEndo Store account, your credit card is pre-authorized for the full amount. If your OrderReady™ Shopping List is not activated before the Shopping List auto-cancellation date, or canceled by your Order Manager then your “pending” charge from you credit card will be removed.